Criminal Street Gang Investigations: 1 Day Course

Criminal street gangs are increasingly posing a threat to communities across the United States. Gang members are no longer limited to large metropolitan cities. Smaller communities and suburban areas are experiencing gang violence at alarming rates. Gang members are involved in various types of violent criminal activities ranging from homicide, aggravated robbery & assaults to drug distribution & firearm trafficking. The majority of gang violence revolvesaround drug distribution and “turf wars”.


In addition to posing a threat to communities, gang members are carrying out deadly attacks against law enforcement officers across the country. Within the past few years, gang members have brutally shot and killed several police officers in the line of duty.


This one day training course was designed to assist law enforcement officers with the identification and recognition of criminal street gang members. Officers will gain an understanding of the motivation for individuals joining a gang.  Officers will receive instruction on the structure and leadership of some of the most violent gangs in America. Exposing officers to a gangs’ hand signs, colors, graffiti, or clothing in a classroom setting, will better prepare the officer to win a deadly encounter with a gang member on the streets.


Topics Covered

  • Breakdown of National Gangs
  • Local Gang Problems
  • Motivation for Joining a Gang
  • Gang Member Identifiers
  • Criminal Activities Gangs are Involved in
  • Techniques to Gather Intelligence on Gang Members
  • Interviewing Gang Members
  • Utilizing Internet Databases to Track Gang Members
  • Officer Safety Considerations
  • Case Studies on Law Enforcement Officers Killed by Gang Members