Mexican Drug Cartel Investigations: 1 Day Training Course

Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations are impacting communities in nearly every city in the United States.  This problem can no longer be viewed as a “Border Issue.” The majority of the drugs distributed and consumed in the U.S. originate in Mexico.  The Cartel leaders have strategically formed relationships with American Street gangs to flood the streets with illicit drugs.

The smuggling routes utilized by the Cartels do not stop once the drugs make it across the U.S./Mexican Border.  That is simply the first step. It is important for local law enforcement officers to understand the precise smuggling routes of drugs entering their cities; however, it is paramount that officers learn to identify the methods used by the cartels to distribute drugs in their communities.

In an effort to aggressively target drug trafficking organizations, local law enforcement officers need to gain a better understanding of the true structure and operational components of the Cartels and how the Mexican Drug War impacts local cities in the U.S. on a daily basis.

The violence perpetrated by the Cartels has reached an unprecedented level in the United States.  Kidnappings, home invasions, murders, and attacks on local law enforcement officers are occurring on a daily basis.  Aggressive tactics will be presented to help to combat this violence.

This course does not focus on statistical data or other information easily obtained through online searches regarding Mexican Drug Cartels. The information presented is based on the instructor’s unique experience in conducting long-term undercover operations, wire tap intercepts, and debriefings of suspects directly linked to various Mexican Drug Cartels.

This training course will teach local law enforcement officers how to identify, target, infiltrate, and prosecute Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations operating in their cities. All police officers, regardless of assignment, will benefit from this training.  Gaining a true understanding of the “Drug Trafficking Pyramid” will lead to more arrests as well as larger seizures of drugs, currency, and assets.



Topics Covered

  • Structure of Mexican Drug Cartels
  • Mexican Drug Cartels’ Connection to American Street Gangs & Local Drug Dealers
  • Understanding the “Drug Trafficking Pyramid”
  • Identification Local Smuggling Routes
  • Concealment Methods
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Cultivating High-level Informants
  • Techniques to Infiltrate the Cartels
  • Practical Wiretap Investigations to Dismantle Cartel Distribution Cells
  • Aggressive Tactics to Combat the Violence
  • Case studies of classic “Cartel Hits” in America
  • “Sanctioned Hits” on Patrol Officers