Practical Wiretap Investigations - 2 Day Course

Drug Enforcement Wiretap Techniques is a dynamic training course designed to teach law enforcement officers proper procedures and techniques to conduct wiretap investigations. Interceptions of communication devices have been utilized to solve various types of crimes that include high profile homicides, Racketeering Influenced Corruption Organizations (RICO) investigations, and drug conspiracies to name a few. Wiretap  nvestigations can produce very powerful and overwhelming evidence of guilt; however the failing to follow established protocol in obtaining wiretap orders can lead to evidence being suppressed and defendants evading prosecution.

This two day training course will provide students with the fundamental aspects of developing wiretap investigations, uses and analyzing of pen registers, drafting wiretap affidavits, establishing “necessity”, minimization requirements, and administrative roadblocks often encountered. Current case law and other legal updates will be presented. The students will also learn investigative techniques commonly used to corroborate criminal information obtained during the wire interceptions. A wiretap investigation conducted properly can lead to multi-count conspiracy indictments, larger seizures of contraband, and U.S. currency.

The information presented in this course is not based on theory.  The instructor has prepared dozens of federal pen register and wiretap affidavits, and has had tremendous success in conducting wiretap investigations targeting all level of narcotic traffickers.


Topics Covered


  • Understanding Wiretap Laws
  • Omnibus Crime Control & Safe Street Act of 1968
  • Use of Pen Registers & Trap and Trace Devices
  • Establishing Necessity
  • Office of Enforcement Operations Review Process
  • Drafting the Affidavit
  • Common Street Terminology
  • Immediate Action Calls
  • Minimization Requirements
  • Practical Exercises