Undercover Officer Survival Techniques: 4 Day Training Course

Undercover narcotic operations are a necessary tool to effectively target drug dealers operating in every community within the United States.  Successful undercover operations allow law enforcement officers to covertly gather evidence of a crime, or interrupt the planning of criminal activities before the suspects have an opportunity to commit the crime.  The most common type of undercover operations utilized by police agencies involves narcotic enforcement.        


All too often, police departments fail to provide their newly assigned "Narcotic Investigators" with any type of training prior to the investigator starting undercover work.  While this practice was common in the 70's, 80's, and early 90's, it can lead to serious mistakes that can cost an officer their job, their freedom, or their life.


This four day training course was designed to provide undercover officers with current methods and techniques to safely initiate undercover operations. Officers will be exposed to up-to-date undercover audio/video recordings that will demonstrate various teaching points. Practical application involving scenario based training is included in this training program.


Case studies will be presented of all undercover officers killed in the line of duty within the past thirty years. Exposure to these incidents can aid the officers preventing history from repeating itself.


Several seasoned narcotic officers, who are all still active in undercover operations, will participate in instructing this course.  All officers are from one of the largest police departments in the United States. The use of multiple nstructors will expose officers to various ways of working undercover.


Topics Covered

  • Basic Drug Identification
  • Use and Control of Informants
  • Street-Level Drug Buys (Violent encounters, open air drug sales, cold knock
    considerations, informant introductions, etc.)
  • Search Warrant Preparation
  • Surveillance Techniques 
  • Uses of Electronic Surveillance
  • Undercover Role Preparation (Mental mindset, choice of gun, alternate weapon,
    identification, cover story, ...etc)
  • Encounters with Armed Drug Dealers
  • Psychological Challenges for Undercover Officers
  • Scenario-based Practical Exercises
  • Case Studies of Downed UC Officers