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Professional Law Enforcement Training offers a wide range of courses to correspond with the various types of assignments police officers work.  Each training class has been strategically designed to provide the most up to date information relating to the course topics.  Instructors will not discuss how police work was conducted in the "80's and 90's".  Officers attending PLET training classes will be presented with methods and techniques to deal with police work that is happening in 2017 and forward. 

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Chicago-area police undergo de-escalation training following Laquan McDonald case

Chicago Police Department has initiated de-escalation training, in hopes of diffusing conflict before it elevates to violence.


It’s a part of any officer’s job, whether they’re in the city or the suburbs.

Officers in Wheeling, Lake Forest and Vernon Hills have recently undergone this de-escalation training.

WGN's Larry Potash went inside to see what they’re learning.  Read Full Story