Anthony Martin


Anthony Martin began his 20-year law enforcement career with St. Louis Police Department in January 1997, where he served as a patrol officer with a short stint in Criminal Intelligence until July 2002.

In July 2002, Anthony joined Dallas Police Department where he served as a patrol officer. After a brief stint in patrol, he was assigned to Operation Disruption, a unit designed to patrol violent Target Action Area Grid (TAAG) areas around the city. During that assignment, Anthony found his niche in identifying violent criminals and low-level drug dealers.

In May 2009, Anthony transferred to the Narcotics Division where he worked as a uniformed officer supporting undercover detectives and conducting Knock and Talk investigations.

In April 2010, Anthony was assigned to the Narcotics Division as an undercover street squad detective. Anthony’s primary responsibility was to identify low-level street drug dealers, trap/stash/smoke houses and nuisance drug locations. He initiated numerous narcotics investigations rarely using confidential informants. His work resulted in numerous felony convictions.

In January 2011, Anthony was assigned to Mid-Level Narcotics Investigations in an undercover capacity. During this assignment, he infiltrated a criminal drug organization in which the organization controlled 3 drug houses on the same street. This organization controlled the community through means of intimidation and fear. The investigation netted the arrest, federal indictment and incarceration of the leader and one of his associates. This investigation led to the identification of numerous drug houses throughout the city.

In October 2012, Anthony was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to patrol where he served until December 2014 as a Patrol Sergeant.

In December 2014, Anthony was assigned to the Narcotics Division Knock and Talk squad. He was tasked with assisting in the revision of the Narcotics Knock and Talk Standard Operating Procedures. Anthony also supervised 5 uniformed officers responsible for conducting knock and talk operations and drug enforcement operations.

In November 2015, Anthony was assigned to the Southwest Patrol Division Neighborhood Police unit. He was tasked with the design, development, and implementation of an off-site community outreach center in a TAAG area. Anthony was responsible for the operational and administrative function of the outreach center. He supervised 12 of the 20 officers assigned to the unit. Within 3 months of the unit being established, the Violent TAAG Ranking fell from 8th to 24th. For the 2016 fiscal year, overall crime in the area was reduced by 4.7%.

Anthony worked closely with the community, attended community meetings with city council members and the city mayor to hear the concerns of citizens. Anthony believes by establishing relationships with businesses, churches, schools and stakeholders in the area, police can rebuild the trust and change the perception the community has of the police. In fact, Anthony incorporated crime fighting techniques to resolve the complaints made by citizens and helped rebuild trust in the community with the police department. Anthony’s philosophy is, "alternative first, enforcement second," unless enforcement is needed immediately. These efforts in the community led to Anthony receiving Officer of the Year for District 6 in 2016, and appearing at the 2016 Texas Congressional Black Caucus held at the State Capitol as a panel member for Improving Relations in the Black Community with Police.  Anthony retired from the Dallas Police Department in August 2017. 


  • Master Peace Officer
  • Community Leadership Academy


  • CPI First Line Supervisor Course
  • Basic SWAT School
  • Dynamic Entry School
  • Vehicle Take Down
  • Basic Narcotics Investigation
  • Mid-Level Narcotics Investigation
  • Search and Seizure
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Cultural Diversity
  • De-escalation Techniques


  • Life Saving Bar
  • Police Commendation

Anthony was a member of the United States Army from 1990 -1993.