Caraly Alvarez


Caraly Alvarez began her law enforcement career with Crestview Police Department (CPD) in March 2009 where she served as a patrol officer.  In 2010 Caraly tried out for the CPD SWAT Team.  She was the first female to complete the rigorous physical test and obstacle course and was the first female selected to the SWAT Team.  In addition to her time spent in patrol and SWAT, Caraly also joined the Bike Unit.  This unit was tasked with patrolling the high crime neighborhoods to deter violent crime and the sale of narcotics.  During her tenure with CPD, Caraly also served as field-training officer.

In November 2013, Caraly relocated to South Carolina with her family and was hired by the Sumter Police Department in March 2014.  Caraly was assigned to the Patrol Division, reaching the rank of Officer First Class in a very short time.

In October 2015, she was approached by Richland County Sheriff Department who offered her a position as an Undercover Agent to conduct street-level narcotic investigations.  Richland County is one of the largest counties in South Carolina, with a population over 400,000.   While working in an undercover capacity, Caraly made over 290 drug buys in a one-year time period.

Using unconventional undercover techniques, Caraly was able to maintain her undercover status during high-risk operations.  She was also able to tactically retreat from several dangerous situations arising from drug transactions gone bad.  Due to her success working undercover, Caraly was also able to introduce new techniques to the unit including the aggressive use various social media platforms to conduct undercover operations.  Caraly was able to tactically video and audio record each transaction to ensure criminal convictions on dozens of the drug dealers she encountered. 

After completing her undercover assignment, Caraly was selected to join the Major Crimes Unit in 2017.  As an Investigator in the unit, she currently works Assaults, Aggravated Assaults, Suicides, Attempted Murders, and Homicide cases.  In her short time as a Major Crimes Investigator, Caraly has investigated several drug-related homicides and has successfully made an arrest in each case.  Based on her work ethic, she recently received an award for Investigator of the 1st quarter of 2018.

Caraly’s career has been very diverse, allowing her to gain the knowledge, experience and expertise to lead many different investigations from narcotics investigations to major crimes investigations.