Larry Gordon

Larry Gordon started his career with the Dallas Police Department in 1995. In June of 1997 Larry was selected to be a part of the Dallas Police Department's Specialized Crime Unit. After several productive years with the Specialized Crime Unit, Larry transferred to the Narcotics Division.  Larry was the lead Detective on countless narcotic investigations. His duties included, but not limited to, executing dynamic entry search warrants, conducting undercover drug buys and training new detectives that joined he unit.


In 2004, Larry transferred to the Dallas Police Department’s coveted SWAT Team where he is currently assigned.   Larry's duties on the Swat team consists of crisis/hostage negotiations, executing high risk search warrants, providing motorcades for current and former Presidents of the United States and distinguished dignitaries  afforded a motorcade. He also acts as a counter assault team (CAT) for those dignitaries and current and former presidents.

Larry currently serves as one of the lead negotiators for the SWAT team.   He has successfully negotiated peaceful resolutions to armed barricaded subjects.  Larry has also negotiated operations where a sniper/Tactical resolution had to be used to bring the volatile situations to an end.


Larry is also responsible for training swat officers and certifying them in tear gas/less lethal munitions and distraction devices. He is also an Active shooter/ALERRT (advanced law enforcement rapid response training) instructor.


Larry earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Texas and has been certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as an instructor.  In addition to the instructor certification, Larry is also certified in the following areas:

  • TCOLE Instructor Certification 
  • Master Police officer Certification
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor 
  • FBI Hostage Negotiation Course
  • Tactical Medic
  • Less Lethal Munitions 
  • Tear Gas Munitions 
  • High Risk Search warrant trained
  • Barricaded Person trained
  • Hostage Rescue Trained
  • Secret Service Motorcade Trained
  • ALERRT Instructor