PLET Course Testimonials 

Undercover Survival Techniques

"The UC Safety block was the most beneficial part of the course. I will never forget the audios and videos presented during this class as they are a constant reminder of how things can go bad very quickly. My entire unit will now train rescues on a monthly basis."



Police and Minority Relations

"This class dealt with current policing issues head-on and was much better than I had expected. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and present the material in a manner that police officers can relate to. Thanks for an outstanding class!"



Knock and Talk Investigations

"This class was amazing. I've already utilized the techniques on the streets, and I have already done four search warrants on knock and talks. I have seized more drugs and money the past two weeks than I have my entire career thanks to your class."



Cell Phone Investigations

"Technology courses are usually dry and boring.  This class was the complete opposite.  The cell phone forensic examination demonstration was by far the best part of the class.  I am no longer intimidated by cell phones!"



Advanced Search and Seizure

"Awesome class and a great instructor. Thank you for providing so many search warrant templates that I can take back to my department."



Stress Management for Today's Policing

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and entertaining. He was able to keep the class interested and engaged." 

Fighting Fentanyl

"Best class I've ever attended."



Patrol Officer Drug Investigations

"Wonderful Instructor. Wealth of knowledge and experience. Thankful he is sharing."



Tactical De-escalation Techniques

"The instructor was excellent, and his knowledge of the material was impressive and helped to make the class easy to apply to my work."




Mexican Cartel Investigations

"Absolutely phenomenal material presented."